"Pizzagate" is a debunked conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. It has been extensively discredited by a wide range of organizations, including the Washington, D.C. police.. In March 2016, the personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, was hacked in a spear-phishing attack.


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2016-11-23 2018-08-16 In a thread on Voat, user EyesWideScared put forward a theory about possible connections with pizzagate of organizations related to Amy Merrill. he user wrote: “Amy Merril was the Director of Partnerships & Business Development for anti-sex trafficking organization SMF. 2020-07-24 r/PizzaGateMemes: A subreddit to submit memes about Pizzagate. The main aim of this subreddit is to create easy to digest information about the … 169 Submission Info Posted by: darkknight111 (/user/darkknight111) Posting time: 19 hours ago on 8/6/2017 2:33:10 AM Last edit time: 17 hours ago on 8/6/2017 4:24:53 AM Voat is where Pizzagate broke and it's where it was investigated. Alefantis was stalking posters and other users were being gangstalked, as well. Some were killed.

Pizzagate voat

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While studying to become a MUFON investigator, Zimmerman frequently lurked Reddit.But, it wasn’t until the overwhelming abundance of primary documentation involving Pizzagate hit, coupled with the 2018-07-30 2016-12-07 2018-03-31 Abramovic's ties with "John of God" | pizzagate 3/10/19, 819 AM https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3018517 Page 1 of 4 32 Search Voat (via searchvoat.co) (Voat) Celebrity adoptions and child trafficking – Chris Rock, Angelina Jolie, Rosie O ‘Donnell (pizzagate) (Voat) 23 Men From Metro Atlanta Arrested In Underage Sex Sting! (Live Leak) Death, rapes, and broken bones at Philly’s only residential treatment center for troubled youth (Voat) This voat thread lists and links most of the suspicious emails leaked that relate to Pizzagate. This is useful. In a continuation of the tech sector progs’ attack against “fake news,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to ramp up efforts to suppress things like what we’ve investigating .

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The Pizzagate Voat's continue to be active, and some of those who subscribe to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory continue to take more direct action. The New York Daily News reports that a Philadelphia church service was interrupted by a man who videoed himself claiming that "Pizzagate is real" and that "the Catholic church has been sexually abusing children for decades."

Talk of Pizzagate hasn’t completely fizzled out yet, though. A Google search for the term shows dozens of articles published on the topic in recent days, many of them dedicated to debunking the conspiracy. Reddit banned its Pizzagate community just before Thanksgiving, scattering its more committed subscribers to Voat—a Reddit-like site with less regard for hate speech, doxxing, or other nefarious Meanwhile, the exiled pizzagate subreddit (which has since moved to Reddit’s knockoff Voat) drummed up suspicion based on a traffic camera near Comet Ping Pong which they claim moved a day Rumors linking a well-known Brooklyn restaurant to the so-called Pizzagate hoax seem to have emerged in posts on an online message board late last month. A Voat user wrote of finding a For the uninitiated, Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory borne out of emails obtained by Wikileaks from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, John Podesta.

18 Nov 2020 Since the summer, Save the Children protests have cropped up across the country. Damairs Carter/MediaPunch/IPX/AP. In 2016, Sarah*, 34, was 

Pizzagate voat

Pizzagate is an online conspiracy theory that believes James Alefantis is part of a very large conspiracy involving blackmail, child sex, and occult rituals. Seems pretty far out there I must admit, but will try to explain all the evidence used to support the theory. 2016-12-07 · A Voat user wrote of finding a reference to Roberta’s — a popular pizza restaurant in the Bushwick section — in an email from Mrs. Clinton’s private server released by the State Department Note: please link / condense this post to the PizzaGate page on Voat (the clearing house after Reddit shut down its own initial pages), the chans, Twitter, Gab, forums, and so on. We need to get the sleuths working on these leads, as well as further convince readers that there really is something going on here. 2016-11-24 · Pizzagate, a persistent and popular conspiracy theory that combines the Clinton diaspora with accusations of a secret pedophile ring, For now, they’ve relocated to Voat, 2020-06-16 · The Pizzagate community moved their discussions to Voat in the aftermath of Reddit’s decision, and continued their discussions on v/pizzagate. This data collection approach mirrors that of other research on conspiracy theories emerging and circulating on social media [ 19 ][ 20 ].

#PizzaGate is a world-wide citizen investigation now. It cannot be stopped.
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Pizzagate voat

In November 2017, some of Reddit's incel community moved to Voat after an incel community, r/incels, was banned on Reddit. PIZZAGATE INTRO. Vem avgör vad som är sant om pizzagate?

Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Voat. 7 Dec 2016 Welch traveled to the popular DC pizzeria Comet Ping Pong with a handgun and an assault rifle to “self-investigate” the validity of the 4chan  Donald Trump jest prezydentem od miesiąca.
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Voat is one place on the internet where people are allowed to devote a subforum to Pizzagate, allowing members to muckrake to their heart’s content. Two months ago, a user by the name of “quantokitty” claimed he or she had found proof of unfrequented underground tunnels beneath Washington, D.C.

Global pedophile rings hiding in plain sight. Above Top Secret 2016-12-25 · This important message is meant for members of the Seen.life Pizzagate public group, the VOAT Pizzagate investigation, the former contributors to the Pizzagate sub-reddit, and the many citizen journalists, researchers and investigators dedicated to exposing Pizzagate truth.